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Boy, am I ready to get my spring on!  I'm loving that it is warming up consistently during the days, but it is so hard to dress this time of year!  35 degrees in the morning....70 degrees in the afternoon!  Come on spring!

I must say that these weeks are flying by....only 9 more schools days until SPRING BREAK!!  Well, really only 7 1/2 for me since I'm scooting out of town early to kick off my break with Maroon 5! {swoon}

How much longer until your spring break??  If you tell me you're on it now I'm going to go all Hulk on you.
Minus the muscles.
So, just with envy.
Maybe that's more Kermit.

I would love to be on break now, but maybe it will be super warm by the time the first week of April rolls around! :)

Alright...enough rambling....on to the Friday Flashback!
We kicked off our week with Reading MAP Testing....yep, Monday morning at 8:20....right after springing forward and losing an hour of sleep! {cringe}

But, my kiddos ROCKED that test!!!!!  I'm not going to say it was solely because of my testing turtles, but you never know! ;)  Haha! They certainly did all take their time this year....NO rushers! 

We had 100% growth and 18 of 20 exceeded their GOALS {one was only 1 point away and well, the other fell asleep several times during the test....yep, on the keyboard...sigh}!!! reward THAT awesome performance we had a little ice cream sundae celebration the next day!
Using individual ice cream cups for sundaes makes it soooooo easy!  Just pass out the cups, squirt on the whipped cream and add the toppings!!  Yum!Yum!

Let's cross our fingers that Math testing goes well next Monday!!

My students finished learning all of the cursive lowercase letters this week!  I love that second graders are soooo excited to learn cursive!  Although, without a program or workbooks to practice these days, it does make teaching it a bit tricky.

I incorporated it into my Morning Work PowerPoints this year and have absolutely LOVED this process!  We'll fine-tune these letters the remainder of this quarter and then tackle uppercase letters 4th quarter.

Not bad so far, though!

They are really working hard to earn their cursive licenses.  Once they've mastered ALL letters (lowercase and uppercase) they'll earn this little license which will be attached to their desk to let everyone know they have permission to complete ALL of their work in cursive!
We also had fun learning about multiple meaning words this week.  Amelia Bedelia helped a lot with this!  We made a class book...I always love their illustrations!
Heeehheeee....Don't you just love the girl rolling?  So creative!

We also had a ton of fun exploring MAGNETS!  They are loving every moment of being scientists!
Each day they make predictions {I use tape to "stick" their predictions down so that they're not tempted to change them....we talk about how it's okay to have your prediction be different than your result - that means you learned something NEW!}, they experiment, and then they write a daily reflection using key words from the day's lesson.  All of this is kept neat in their Magnet Portfolio.

That's a little bit about what went on in our week.  We're still practicing our Tall Tale plays and we're now writing our own original Tall Tale stories!  We also worked on multi-step word problems in math.  Such a hard concept for little ones!!

What did you do this week?  Link up and let us take a peek into your week!  I'm off for an actual DATE NIGHT with the hubby!  We're going to see "The Call" with Halle Berry....have you seen the trailers?  It looks soooo good!


  1. Hi Amanda, thanks for hosting a fun linkup for Fridays! We have 2 more weeks until Spring Break (9 more school days). I am green with envy that you get to kick it off with Maroon5!! :) Oh, and I LOOOVE the cursive licenses. How adorable are those? Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. I started Spring Break TODAY!!! Sorry! :) I can't wait to tell the 2nd grade teacher about your handwriting licenses! What a great idea!!

  3. I love the cursive licenses and individual ice cream sundaes! Great ideas!!
    Thanks for hosting this linky:)

  4. We are also anxiously waiting for Spring Break... we're 9 days away too! It is hard to dress in the morning....very chilly, but warms up nicely. However, you can never tell what the school building will feel like either! Recess is sure nice during these warm and sunny days!

    :) Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  5. SO ready for Spring Break - but ours isn't until the end of April! GAHHH! :)

    Your idea of cursive licenses is too cute!

    And I LOVE Amelia Bedelia - even in my fifth grade classroom I use them often! We read them when studying multiple meaning words and idioms. They are a hoot!

    Joy in the Journey

  6. Tape sounds intriguing...we always do predictions in pen for the same reason!

  7. I have 14 school days til my Spring Break. I wish it was in 9 days- with Easter. It usually is! I don't know why they waited another week this year....
    As usual, thanks for hosting!!
    ideas by jivey

    P.S. I LOVE the cursive licenses!! :)

  8. The cursive licenses are such a great idea!! So, so cute! My 2nd graders are loving learning all the letters right now too! :)

    All the Dots

  9. Our Spring Break is the first week of April and I cannot wait!! :) The temperatures around here are amazing, aren't they?!

  10. We have 9 days left too! I'm so ready for the break :) I love the writing for multiple meaning words! So cute!

    Carolina Teacher


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