Friday Flashback Linky: Hallelujah!!

You might be thinking that I put "Hallelujah!" in the title because it's Friday.  Nope.

That "Hallelujah!" is because my blog is finally back to normal!!  If you missed seeing my blog as a HOT MESS, just click on yesterday's post to see a pic of it!  Yowzer!

I was about to lose my mind up in here...up in here.  If you are still having trouble with your blog, I would suggest contacting photobucket via their twitter feed.  THAT seemed to get me on a "priority" list.

And, I MUST give a shout-out to my blog designer, Diana, from Custom Blog Designs.  EVERY SINGLE TIME something happens to my blog or I have a question, or I can't figure something out, I go running to her {poor thing!}  And, she is BEYOND awesome about helping!

She immediately put a "fix" on my background yesterday so at least my blog was readable...and she kept checking in and was ready to help me move to a different image host if that was the route I wanted to take {I was oh so close to kicking the {photo}bucket!}

So, if you EVER need a blog makeover, check her can NOT beat her customer service!!

I realize I'm supah late for Friday Flashback seeing that it's almost Saturday now.  I didn't think I was going to post because even I didn't want to look at my hideous blog, but now that it's fixed.....let the good times roll!

I really don't have many pics to share this week.  I really have no excuse for not snapping more.  Well, I sort of do.  If you'll recall, I took a little "day off" this week for this....All Bon Jovi...All Night...
....I'll post more about that on Sunday.  I also had a half day sub the day before that due to balanced literacy training at my school.  You know how it is when you're out of your seem to play "catch up" for a while.

But, here are some pics I did snap.

We learned about Paul Bunyan, that giant lumberjack who combed his beard with the top of a pine tree and created the Grand Canyon when he dropped his axe.
We learned about Swamp Angel, the giant from the South who single-handedly beat the fearsome bear called Thundering Tarnation and drank an entire lake dry while doing it!
We learned about Annie Christmas, Queen of the Mississippi River, who added a bead to her necklace every time she whooped a man on her keelboat!
We learned about Johnny Appleseed, the real man and the tall tale legend!  Did you know his feet were so tough even a rattlesnake couldn't penetrate them!?
Our Tall Tale Wall of Fame is quickly filling up with these larger than life heroes and sheroes {my girls just LOVE that word}!  ;)

I finally got students' "Boo Boo" Memoirs up in the hall....and the Memoir Unit is now available at our TpT shop if you've been waiting on that.
I love how the BIG BANDAIDS turned soon as the kiddos saw them, they said "OH! The paper is the white part of the bandaid!"  Yes, clever, I tell ya! :)

We've been working VERY hard on How-To writings this week.  Remember I showed ya this new book...
Boy, did it spark some CA-UTE writing!  After reading it, I had the kiddos write their own based on babysitting an adult of their choice.  They chose everyone from Uncles to Moms to Principals to Football Players (in general) to Ray Lewis (a specific football player) and they LOVED every moment of it.  We had to let EVERY ONE share theirs with the class....they were that excited about them.

Here's one that I snapped a pic of...How to Babysit a Principal


  1. I'm so glad to see your blog is back to normal! That must have been so frustrating! Your ouch stories are so cute!
    Sounds like you had fun with Bon Jovi :)

  2. mine was the same! eww~
    I'm off to pick up those writing units. I STILL need YOU to come on up to NC and teach writing for me!!! =)

  3. Glad you got the problem solved - that must've been frightening! Good thing you have a good blog designer. I'm thinking of getting some help re-vamping mine. I'll have to check her out...

    Glad you're back - and just in time for Friday Flashback :)

    Joy in the Journey

  4. I love the idea of having them write based on that book!!! I think my 4th graders would love it too... I feel a new writing piece coming on! :)
    ideas by jivey

    P.S. I'm so glad your blog is fixed!!!!

  5. So glad that your blog is back to normal! I'm sure that was frustrating!

  6. The "ow" writing is so, so, so cute. I am definitely going to have to purchase that memoir writing packet. LOVE IT!
    Diving Into 2nd Grade


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