Build a Reward Classroom Management

It's that time of year. Everyone is restless. Spring fever is setting in. Classroom management needs a little reinforcement. If your students are anything like mine, they love working toward a goal, they love earning stickers, and they love a surprise. I combined all of these loves into my newest classroom management tool.

Build a Reward lets students work for a goal you set - this could be a specific behavior goal or it could just be the goal of earning "compliments" when out and about. Then, they earn a digital "sticker" each time they reach that goal.

Students get so excited to drag a "sticker" into place to build an object on one of the 20 scenes included in both the Google Slides and PowerPoint version of this resource.

The 20 scenes include seasonal monthly scenes as well as some generic fun ones - plus, there are 10 more scenes coming! These scenes are editable, in that teachers can delete or duplicate the pieces to fit the specific needs of their classes.  Each scene comes with 10 stickers, but if you want more or fewer - that's your choice!

But, the best part?  Once the scene is completed, students get to visit the PRIZE MACHINE.  Who doesn't love to pick a prize from a machine!

Students pick a prize by clicking on it and moving it (or deleting it) to reveal a secret number. The number will match one in the list and THAT is the prize the class earns!  All reward text is editable so that you as the teacher can choose rewards that fit your needs.  If you can't think of 20, just use 10 and repeat them all once.

So, if you need to change up your classroom management to help combat spring fever, my Build a Reward classroom management might be just the twist you need!

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