10 Valentine Activities for the Classroom

Here are 10 activities for your elementary classroom that are sure to engage your students in Valentine fun while still covering the topics and skills they need.

1. Valentine Word Problem Workouts

Your students will have fun following along with this video as they solve multi-step word problems and then do exercises that correlate to the answers.  Fun holiday GIF characters lead them in their workouts!

2. Valentine Pixel Art Comprehension

Every teacher loves holiday read-alouds, right? After reading your favorite holiday books, let students complete these no-prep Valentine Pixel Art comprehension activities.  As students answer questions about the book correctly, the picture will begin to reveal itself and students will be amazed!

3. Valentine Digital Games

With a pack full of digital games along with a directed drawing and origami craft, you will be SET for any downtime in the month of February.  These activities are the perfect FUN fillers for those moments when you have 5 minutes to spare, or when it unexpectedly rains and you find yourself indoors for the day.  Do yourself a favor and have these on standby this month!

4. Valentine Breakout

This Valentine Breakout is the perfect activity to save for Valentine's Day (or week).  This breakout is unique in that it uses a Google Form so students do not need Google Accounts.  Just provide them the link and they solve problems and riddles to unlock 4 locks to BREAKOUT in time for the Valentine Dance.

5. February Flip the Decks

Flip the Decks are the digital versions of Roam the Rooms - no matter which version you use, your students will love the ELA and Math practice with a Valentine twist! 

6. Valentine Digital Photo Booth

How do you make writing more engaging for students?  Add a digital photo booth with it, of course! Students will write an emotion poem about something they love and snap a selfie to use in their illustration where they will drag and drop Valentine props onto their photo.  A student tutorial is included with this resources, so no worries if your students are inexperienced with Google Slides!

7. Valentine Story Response Crafts

One of the best things about holidays at school are walking through the halls and looking at the displays!  Your Valentine display will be set with these story response crafts!  We've picked 5 of the best holiday read-alouds and created a short story response along with a student craft to go along with the books.  These are perfect for parent volunteers and substitutes, too!

8. February Glyphs

Glyphs are one of our favorite things to do with students.  They're fun and engaging, require students to analyze data, help students get to know each other better, and leave you with a student created display. Win-win-win! These no-prep coloring glyphs are perfect for morning arrival time and center time, but also perfect to leave for a volunteer or sub!

9. Feed the Monsters - Math Fact Fun

These Google Slides drag and drop math fact activities are perfect for center time or independent practice.  They are available in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division versions for differentiation in the classroom.

10. Digital Valentine Cards

Whether your students are in-person or virtual, they can all participate in the Valentine card exchange with these digital Valentine cards.  Students can design and personalize their own card with drag and drop images.  Take a peek at the student tutorial that is included to see if this would be appropriate for your students.

If you have suggestions for other Valentine activities you would like to see included in this list, drop a comment to let us know.

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