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Morning work.  It's that love-hate relationship, am I right?  You want something students can complete independently, but you want it to be meaningful.  You want something engaging, but you want it skill-related. You also don't want one more thing to prep, but you need it to be organized for your students.

Let me introduce you to my new Build Your Own Week Morning Work.

What Does Build Your Own Week Mean?
This series will include a slideshow to use for each day of the week.  By having a different activity each day, students will not get bored with their morning work.  Each day will stay fresh and engaging.  But, that's not enough.  I'm actually including several options for each day of the week.  Now, you can't (or probably won't) use more than one option a day, but by giving you different options it ensures that you can choose the skill that fits your particular students best and it gives you the option of changing that focus throughout the year, if needed.  So, by looking at all of the different options, you can Build Your Own Week with your morning work!  I've included skills that focus on writing, words, and math so that students are getting a well-rounded experience.

The daily slides are no print and no prep.  Just project the slide on your board and students will complete the task in a notebook or journal.  Each slide has the directions on the left side and a modeled layout to guide students on the right side.  Each slide also has instrumental music embedded that can be played with the click of a button.

What Different Options Are Included?
Let's take a look at the different options -

Making Words Monday
Making Words Monday has 40 slides in which students will use the letters from a big word to make smaller words.  They'll sort their words by the number of letters and see how many they can make. This practice of making words gives students practice with manipulating letters which strengthens their ability to sequence sounds heard in words.

Monday Memories

Monday Memories gives students a personal narrative topic to write about and illustrate. The topics are general so that all students can pull from their experiences for writing.

Teach It Tuesday

Teach It Tuesday slides give students a chance to be the teacher as they teach their classmates "how to" do something through their writing. Students are asked to write and draw in sequential steps using transitional words from the word bank provided. This is a great way to strengthen how-to writing.

Talk About It Tuesday
This option gives students practice with those speaking skills that are often formally overlooked in the classroom.  Students get with a partner and talk about a topic provided - the catch is that they must stay on topic!  Question prompts are provided to help them along if there's a lull in the conversation.

Workout Wednesday
Workout Wednesday lets students workout their brains and bodies!  First, students solve a logic puzzle (working out their brain) and then they do an exercise that correlates with the answer to the logic puzzle (working out their bodies).  

Wednesday Word Work
Wednesday Word Work asks students to brainstorm both synonyms and antonyms of a common word.  Students could even be allowed to use a thesaurus to complete this.  Then, they use one of the new synonyms and one of the new antonyms in a sentence that shows meaning.

Thank You Thursday
Thank You Thursday helps students spread a little kindness while also practicing their letter writing skills.  Each slide asks students to write a thank you note to someone.

Thursday Thoughts
Thursday Thoughts give students a chance to express themselves as they form an opinion to a question and write about it.  Students are prompted to support their opinion with examples and reasons.

Factual Friday
Factual Friday instructs students to write facts that they know about well-known objects.  They can use their senses and/or knowledge about these items to form their facts.  Students are also asked to sketch the items and label any parts they know to form a diagram.

Friday Fact Families
This segment gives students two digits and asks them to make two different fact families using those two digits.

Will More Daily Segments Be Created?
Yes!  These are just the daily segments that are in the works now.  I will be creating (at least one) more daily segment(s) for each day of the week - those topics will be announced at a later date!

Why Should I Jump On This Resource Now?
By purchasing the bundle, you save 30% off individual products.  Plus, this is a GROWING bundle which means that you can buy it now with only a few pieces in and receive ALL FUTURE segments for FREE!  As of this post, you can grab this bundle for $6 but it will be a $45 value once complete!  

What are you waiting for?  Run and grab everything you need to Build Your Own Morning Work and be set for the entire year!

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  1. I went to grab this resource you mentioned saying it was $6, but when I went to TpT it was $22.50. Did I miss something?


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