What I'm Wearing Wednesday: {Boutique Alert}

I'm linking up with that always fabulous Jessica from Ideas by Jivey for her...

 If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I've been enjoying the dog days of summer...literally.  My sweet Sampson {Boxer} had to have a little surgery and for the past 16 days I've been playing doggie nurse.  It's been a full-time job keeping him and his sister, Chloe, cooped up in the house with no running and no licking his stitches.

So, for all of the summer so far I've looked like this.

Yep.  A dog pillow.  I've set my alarm (IT'S SUMMER!!!) each morning so I could hit the gym before hubs left for work.  Then, I've just stayed in my yoga clothes....which have quickly become fur-covered and slobber-soaked.

I mean, I've been looking forward to spending days in yoga pants, but this girl also loves to get dressed up!!  I did get dressed up one day to head downtown to a Betsy Pittard {swoon} trunk show - BIG THANKS to my mom for coming to relieve me!  These are the beauties I added to my collection and can't wait to wear soon!

 I'm thrilled to announce that Sampson got his stitches out today!!  This is what I wore to the vet...I've been wanting some deconstructed denim shorts and I *MAY* have ordered these from a fabulous little boutique on Instagram.  What else is a girl to do when cooped up in the house for days on end? :)

I'm not a big shorts fan, but these are amazingly fabulous!  Most days, you'll find me in a dress.  Speaking of dresses, check out this stunning Cozumel dress that I also ordered!

 Gorgeous, right?!?  It will definitely be in my suitcase this weekend for our family beach trip! *swoon*
If you're a boutique lover, you must check out Jess Lea Boutique...I'm so glad I just found them on IG!  Shipping was FREE and so quick (ordered on Friday and had it on Tuesday)!

Go link up with Jessica and show us what you're wearing this summer!  #teachersummerstyle


  1. I'm so glad you linked up! I also know it's summer because my laundry is filled with workout clothes and PJs. :-P

    I love that dress!!! So pretty!

  2. I love your shirt. I think state shirts are so fun! Glad your pup is doing better!
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