Makeover Madness {TpT Seller Challenge} & a FREEBIE

I'm jumping aboard the TpT Sellers Challenge for the next few weeks to work hard to improve my reach on social medias.  I'm pretty sure you can tell from the pic above which two I rarely use for teaching related things.  I've actually worked pretty hard to keep my Twitter account for celebrity stalking and #voicesaves but I think that's about to change. :)

The first week challenge is Makeover Madness.  Sellers were challenged to take one of their existing products and to give it a makeover!  I actually did this already last week with our Vowel Units {and bundled them}!

Though, I thought it would be cheating since I actually made those over LAST week!  So, I picked my #2 best selling product to makeover today - Friendly Letter Unit!

Here's a peek at the before...

The content in the product was great, but the "presentation" itself was lacking a bit.  So, I worked on it this morning and have the "new" version posted....

It looks SO much better in my shop now!  And, I think it will be much easier for teachers to use!  I've included an interactive Table of Contents (these are kinda my thing...) - I LOVE just being able to click on an activity and having it take me there, especially in large packs!

I also added lots more description in the product - including pics and links....

If you've already purchased my Friendly Letter Unit, go and download it again to get the revised version!  If you haven't purchased it, it's on sale this week for $3.00!!

And, that vowel unit bundle up there - since it had a makeover, it's on sale, too!  If purchased individually, the vowel packs would cost $25.00, but the bundle is only $18!  And, THIS WEEK ONLY you can grab it for $15 (that's a $10 savings!!).

And, don't forget to pick up our Week 7 FREEBIE while you're in our shop this week!

Happy Summer, friends!


  1. I LOVE when you can click on the name in the table of contents- makes it so much easier to navigate! Love your new cover- it really stands out!


  2. That's a great makeover! I love the new cover!

  3. Your product makeover looks great! Heading over to check out the rest of your store in a few! First, a quick question...How in the world do you create those awesome clickable tables of contents? I would love to hear how you do it or if you could point me in the direction of a tutorial, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks so much, and great job once again!

    1. Maybe I'll do a tutorial one day! There are two ways you can do it. If you're using PowerPoint, you can insert a link and choose to link the text to another page in the document instead of an external link. Super easy! You can also create them once your file is already in PDF form if you have a pro version of a PDF program (just insert link and choose to link to a particular page). I hope that helps!

    2. Thanks so much for responding! I just made my first clickable contents, and I love it! Can't wait to update my other products! Thanks for the great idea!

    3. OMG Thank you for sharing how to make your table of contents interactive! Now I have to go back and make all mine interactive!!!! LOVE IT!!

  4. Your short vowel bundle is AMAZING! Love the Cover of the friendly letters too! You have been very busy! Love it! Wendy 1stgradefireworks 1stgradefireworks

  5. These look GREAT!!! :) Thank you for joining us!!


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