The VIP Treatment {Classroom Management}

Do you ever feel like you miss out on rewarding those students who are always doing what they're supposed to be doing??  You know, because you're redirecting those who aren't??  Well, my friend Rachel from The Tattooed Teacher had the most brilliant idea ever!  A VIP Table.  You can check out her post here.

I knew that this was something I wanted to set up in my room!  A special place for those special students to sit and get the "royal treatment" throughout the day.  And by "royal treatment" I, of course, mean that they have access to all of those special supplies that all of the other students WANT.  Think markers, post-its, mechanical pencils, fun erasers, stickers, white boards, etc.  Just for them.  All day long.

I plan to choose two students each day who I noticed exhibiting VIP traits the day before.  Someone doing their best, giving 100% effort, showing kindness, etc.  It will {hopefully} be someone new every day!  If there's a rough day where no one was exhibiting top quality traits (yes, we all have those days in our classrooms) then the VIP table could be empty.  #sadsville

I love the idea because it's a super special reward for those students who exhibit top quality traits daily and it's not a reward that I have to continue to purchase.  Once it's set up, you're good to go for the entire year....nothing more to buy!

I actually had the perfect table already in my classroom for the VIP spot this year.  It was a table for my student teacher earlier in the year, and was just hanging out vacant at the moment.  So,  I added some fun boas to the sides of it to "dress it up" along with some fun rolling chairs and crates.  You could really do this to ANY space - even a spare desk!

Then, I used my cameo to label the table and the caddy (on sale for $6 at Staples) so that our spot was one is allowed here except VIPs!

I bought lots of fun stuff to fill the caddy. 

1) Mechanical kids BEG to bring these, but I never let them because they're always too much of a distraction for some.  But not for the VIPs of course since these are the students who exhibit top quality traits!  And, look at those FUN super chunky and colorful mechanical pencils I found at Staples.  #superlove

2) Highlighters.....who doesn't love to BRIGHTEN their papers?!

3) Erasable colored pencils...I mean, pencils in COLOR that ERASE?  Everyone needs those!

4) Scentos markers...regular markers just weren't special enough for the VIPs!

5) Eraser toppers...I'm letting each VIP take one of these with them as a memento since they're always needed in our classroom and I have a ton of them from back-to-school hoarding. ;)

6) Stickers....that's right - the VIPs can add stickers to their OWN papers if they think they've done their best work on something.

7) fun shapes and sizes so they can add little notes to their work they'll take home throughout the day.  "Mom, look at my neat handwriting on this!"

All of these supplies went into the black caddy and I used some of the sparkle stickers to dress it up even more.

I also placed a couple of white boards and dry erase markers on the table and let me tell ya....those were a HUGE hit!  There's just something about doing your work on a special board. :)  And, of course, there's a basket of new, sharp crayons and scissors for each VIP so they'll have everything they need for the day in one spot.

But, do you want to know the best part??  At the end of the day, VIPs get to sign their names ON the table!!  With a PERMANENT marker!!  It stays there for the rest of the year so that everyone remembers they were VIPs!

I can't wait until the table is FULL of signatures!  And, yes, if a student is VIP multiple times, he/she can plaster their name on it again and again!

So, how does a student become VIP?  Well, we think they should exhibit the following traits:

1) A VIP gives 100% effort in their work.
2) A VIP is a good listener and respectful to everyone.
3) A VIP is a good friend and helper.
4) A VIP makes smart choices.

When I notice someone doing one of these, I *might* mention it to the class casually..."Oh, I love the way Tommy is listening to the speaker so attentively...just like a VIP." Then, suddenly...magically, everyone else is listening like a VIP, too!  They are so excited to get a chance to sit at the table!  And, not only do VIPs get the special table for the day, but they get to do EVERYTHING first, too.  They're the first to line up, the first to grab snacks, the first to come to the know eight year olds LOVE to be first! :)

I think I'll add new items to the table sporadically as I come across things throughout the year - just to keep it fresh and to keep them wanting to come back.  What do you think could be added? 

One thing I already know I want to add are buttons (pins) that say "I'm a VIP" that the students can wear that day.  That way, even when we're out of our classroom others will know they're a VIP! 


  1. Such a great idea! I might have to try this. I have had my my kids for two years now and they are quite comfy with me and their behavior. This would be the perfect incentive. My sister teaches first grade and created something similar. She says her kiddos love it!!Thanks for sharing!


  2. That is such a fantastic idea. The button idea would be another amazing incentive. Love everything about it!


  3. I LOVE this idea!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I LOVE this idea!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love this and thanks for sharing! I'll be implementing this next week!

  6. What a completely perfect idea! I love, love, love it! It's so easy to implement AND maintain. Oh this is a must do right away kind of idea. Thanks so much for sharing!
    Hopelessly Devoted to Teaching

  7. Perfect idea!!! I really love it!!!!

  8. I love this idea! Do you have students sitting at the VIP table everyday or do you pick a special day to do it each week?

    1. I have someone sitting at it almost daily. Each day I look for two students exhibiting outstanding workmanship to sit there the next day. :)

  9. So is this table yours then? Because I would love to let the students write on the table but it wouldn't come off. Then what would you do the following year?

  10. So is this your own table then? Because I would love to have my kids sign their name but it wouldn't be able to come off at the end of the year. Also, what do you do for next year then?

    1. Permanent marker will come off with rubbing alcohol or going over it with a dry ease marker (it erases right off!)


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