Skitch {A Diagram App}

Hi friends!  Just a quick little post today to share another great app with you!  If you missed my post about ChatterPix be sure to hop over and read how we used it in our Biographies Unit.

Here's another app to integrate into reading.  This one is a quick and simple app to use for students to create diagrams.

It's called Skitch.  It's FREE!  Those are the best kind, right? :)

Once you download it, students can use any picture in the camera roll.  Just select the picture, drag and draw diagrams and type the labels.  How easy is that?  They can also add a caption about the diagram.  I don't know about you, but I'm always looking for ways to practice those text features!  This is a perfect app to integrate into your informational studies.


  1. That is absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing, Amanda!

  2. I MUST become for tech savvy and this post is reminding me that the first step in doing this is to get some awesome apps on our iPads. Is that what you are using? I hope so because I really, really want to try this!

    Mrs O Knows

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