Sundays in the South {My 21 Day Fix Journey}

I am soooo glad it's Sunday night!  I'm pretty sure that's the FIRST time I've ever said that! Ha!  But, today ends my 21 Day Fix Journey.  Are you familiar with 21 Day Fix?  It's a three week exercise/meal plan program that makes it SUPER easy to make sure you're getting the right portions from each food group.

A little background on me - I am a horrible eater.  Like, I have the eating habits of a six year old.  I rarely eat meat (and when I do, it's only chicken strips) and I only like a few vegetables - lettuce, cucumbers, sprouts, peppers, and onions.  That's it.  I consider myself a carbeterian (you can borrow that word) - my diet consists of potatoes, cheese, pasta, and bread.  Apparently, I have a high metabolism because this diet didn't start catching up to me until my late 30's.  Sigh.  Getting old sucks! ;P

I'll be turning the big 4-0 this summer and I'm determined to be in great shape!  So, I'd love to lose 15-20 pounds.

When I saw a friend post about the 21 Day Fix, I thought I would check it out.  Turns out, it was right up my alley!  I've tried all those apps where you enter your food for the day - not for me.  I could never keep up with all of that.  Same for counting calories.  Who has time for that??

With the 21 Day Fix, you don't calculate anything.  You have these great little colored containers for the different food groups.  If it fits in the container you can eat it!  My kind of system. :)

I must say, I was very sad with how big the veggie container was and how small the carb container was.  BUT, I'm happy to say that today is day 21 and I MADE IT!  Without cheating once.

The number of containers you get per day depends on your size, but my container allotment was 3 veggies, 2 fruits, 4 proteins, 1 carb (see how evil that was), 1 healthy fat (cheese...sigh), and 1 oil/seeds.

It's important to note that this is not a DIET.  You can still eat pretty much anything and you are NEVER hungry because you eat three meals and three snacks during the day.  It really is just a change in your eating lifestyle.

Needless to say, it was tough getting all of those veggies and proteins in each day.  Shakeology was my saving grace and is DEFINITELY something I'll continue to use daily.  Since the shake counted as one protein, I added non-fat, plain greek yogurt in it and that was an automatic 2 proteins for my day.

I purchased both the strawberry and the chocolate vegan.  I definitely love the chocolate more, but I crave them both! ;)

The plan also comes with two DVD's of workouts - one for each day of the week and then you repeat each week.  The workouts are everything from cardio, arms, legs, weights, pilates, and yoga.  I loved them all....well, cardio not so much. ;)

All in all, it was a great 21 days to get my summer fitness goals jumpstarted.  I lost 10 pounds and have way more energy.  I'm hoping that's due to the Shakeology which I plan to continue to use.  If I ate meat and veggies I would even continue with the meal plan, but as is I only had a few options (salads, eggs) to get those in and am so tired of eating them daily!  Therefore, I will be changing up my meals, but will take some of what I learned and continue to use that.  Fruit as snacks will definitely be a keeper!

So, to sum it up, if you're looking for something easy to implement to jumpstart your fitness goals, I would definitely recommend 21 Day Fix!  You can search for it on Pinterest and get lots of resources and recipes to get you started!


  1. Congrats on your accomplishment!! 21 days and 10 pounds sounds awesome!! :)

  2. Congrats to you! I have the 21 Day Fix, but haven't tried it yet. I do love Shakeology. I drink it at night after dinner because it seemed to help my body lose the bloatedness...another fun thing about being in the 40's. Right now I am doing Insanity Max by Shaun T. and love it. The best thing's only 30 minutes!!! By the way...just listened to Sugar by Maroon 5....LOVE IT!!!!


  3. Congrats on finishing! BTW 40 isn't bad!! Promise! =)
    First Grade Blue Skies

  4. Nice job! I'm like you, little bit of meat and I only like so many veggies. I've gotten better at eating more types of veggies, but I do like my bread, pasta, and potatoes. I've switched to Gluten Free pasta because my boyfriend can't have it. I think that was a good switch! I've cut back on bread, but take away my potatoes and it's going to get ugly. I use ToneItUp on YouTube for exercise videos, just wish I was more strict on my consistency!

    I may have to give this a look. I'm not looking for a diet, but something to help my lifestyle choices when it comes to eating healthier.

    Fishing for Education Blog

  5. I did 21 Day Fix this summer and loved it! I was thinking I should start it up again! I loved the shakes and workouts!!

    A Tall Drink of Water

  6. Congratulations I am starting to prepare my meals for a week hope I am doing it right


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