Five for Friday {A Weekly Recap}

A quick little recap of our week...

On Monday, we had an author come visit to read and autograph books.  I'll post about that book (along with a freebie) on Monday for my Must-Read Monday linky, but I'll give you a little clue...
This week was kind of a went by super quickly, but hey, I'm not complaining....SIX more weeks!  We still have a LOT to squeeze in though, so it's no surprise that we are hitting multiple standards with each activity we do.
In this activity, we hit identifying properties of solids, using adjectives to describe, partitioning rectangles into rows and columns, and writing similes.  Whew!  They rocked it, though!
Speaking of similes, we're preparing for our poetry picnic celebration and created our Simile Sandwiches.  These are always one of my favorite displays...and they're similes for each layer of the sandwich were AMAZING!  These are a part of our best-selling Poetry Pizzazz unit.

We also wrote "sandwich poems" as one of our displays for this unit.  I love that students have the choice of using syllabication or rhyming to write these poems.  And, we had some very creative ants!
Since we just finished our Economics unit, we're holding our "Madden's Marketplace" on Monday.  As usual, I combine a lot of skills with this unit celebration, and I'm working on a new product for it....I have students become producers as they create a good from paper to sell at our market.  They have to write persuasive commercials to convince consumers to buy their products.  Then, they become consumers!  Well, there's a lot more to it, but you get the idea!  Today students started bringing in their products and they were AMAZING!  So, so creative...
More on our Marketplace next week!

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  1. I LOVE your simile sandwiches and the simile and property writing!!! We just started our Matter unit and began with properties this week. We also are working on our figurative language unit. I just love what you did! Awesome!
    Miss King's Enchanted Kingdom

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  3. The simile sandwiches are precious! I cannot wait to read about who came to visit your classroom!

    My Carolina Classroom


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