Looking Back to Last Week

I'm pretty much a blog failure at the moment, but I'm trying!  Next week, my goal is to blog more than I did last week.  Should be pretty attainable! :)

I'm here today to give you a little peek at LAST WEEK since I totally missed blogging almost every single day.

We are completely engrossed in our animal groups study right now!  I LOVE this unit and can't wait until we start our informational reading unit that coordinates with it next week!

Right now, we're learning all about the characteristics of the animal groups.  We make a "touch" book during this unit as we learn about the animals' body coverings.
We also made more "mastery pockets" to use this year.  You can read more about how to make these HERE.  They're so easy to make and can be used for a TON of different things!  We're using them to practice spelling our number words right now.  The kiddos get SO excited when they get to move a number to the "mastered" side!
Speaking of math, I had a lot of great feedback about my MATH rotations.  I hope that the format works in your classroom!  I had a lot of requests for the PowerPoint that I use, so HERE it is.  I'd love to hear how it works for you if you try it out! :)
Halloween is my absolute MOST favorite day of the year.  I was tickled to find this easy, no-bake, fun little Halloween treat idea.  They turned out fabulous and were a HUGE hit with my kids!  With a monster theme, I think I could pull these off any time of the year. :)
Krispy Kreme doughnuts + Vampire Teeth + Chocolate Chip Eyes = Monster Doughnuts!

We didn't have our annual Halloween party this year, but we did have our family over on Halloween night for games, food, and trick-or-treaters.  It's always fun!  I was able to scare lots of little kids with my swinging zombie girl (aka Liza Jane) in our garage.

Our school doesn't get to dress up for Halloween.  This means I was SUPER jealous of all of your Instagram costume parade pictures!!!  The 50th day of school was the day after Halloween, so on Friday students could dress up in clothing from their favorite decade.  Here are my cuties that participated.
Adorbs!  We had everything from the 50s to the 60s and, of course, the 80s!

And, it was a home game again this weekend...FINALLY!  So, I spent a little time here...
We hosted Mississippi State this week.  We got to visit with both teams' mascots before the game and while Bully is a cutie, I'm glad my Gamecocks got the win!
We've had so many away games that we get to finish out the season at home.  This is AWESOME, but it means I'll be away just about every single weekend this month.  So, I would LOVE to bring back my...
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I did finish off a new little writing unit.  I LOVE writing workshop in my classroom.  I love that I can teach my kiddos different genres of writing through mini-lessons but they still have "free-choice" writing time where they are writing and publishing stories on their own.  I've blogged a lot about my writing folders and how kids take their work through the writing stages.  Well, I finally compiled a "publishing unit" - this is everything I use to have kiddos publish their work, take it home to share with families, and even host publishing parties.

This week is going to be super busy, but lots of fun!  My grade level is throwing one of our teammates a book-themed baby shower at school on Wednesday.  Let's just say, I would love to spend my life planning themed parties.

Take a look at the sweet invitations I made for it.  I can't wait to see how it all comes together for our sweet friend!

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  1. LOVE the mastery pockets and those doughnuts!! :)

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  2. I love the way you've organised your math rotations. I've worked something similar in the past. Math is an easy one for using a rotation!

    The E-Z Class

  3. October is a busy time. I slacked too at my blogging. Maybe I will do better in November!!!!


  4. Love the donuts and those shower invitations are adorable!!! Have a great week :)

  5. Those baby shower invites are so creative and cute! Your friend is lucky to have you.
    Next year I am making those vampire donuts.
    My Second Sense


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