Flashback #3 and a Giveaway

So, it's already Saturday...totally missed blogging yesterday but that's not going to stop me from flashing back!  Link up to tell us about your week in review!

It's kind of tough for me to do these week in reviews right now since my fabulous student teacher has now picked up everything, but I will show you a new activity she incorporated into our subtraction lessons this week.

This pin is from Mrs. T's First Grade Class, so hop on over to her blog to read about her post on this idea. 

Personally, I thought it was brilliant!  What teacher doesn't have a billion ziploc baggies in her cabinet already??  Such an easy manipulative to make and will REALLY help those who struggle with counting back.  Since our class is second grade, my student teacher used gallon-sized baggies so there was room to make the number line go all the way through 20.  Love, love, love!

Well, that's it for this week.  I'm on my way to Columbia to watch my #6 GAMECOCKS take on the #5 Dawgs!  Let's go Cocks!!  Tune into ESPN to see College Gameday from the best campus in the land...maybe you'll see me! ;)

Before you link up, hop on over to Owl Inspire You (remember, the budding blogger from this week?) to participate in her first giveaway....a $20 gift card to Lakeshore Learning!!  I sure wish we had one of those stores around here, but I do love to order from them!  Soooo many fabulous goodies!


  1. Amanda,

    I like your Student Teacher's idea of the number line baggies! I am going o try this in a small group with the student's who are struggling with that concept! Thanks for sharing!

    I just linked up with your flashback. Read about it here:

    Flashback Friday

    I'd love to know your thoughts :)

    -The Frizz

  2. I may have to try this number line idea. I think it would really help any student form a concrete understanding of subtraction or addition for that matter.

    I love Friday Flashback! Thanks for offering the chance to link up!

  3. Go Cocks! :). I know you're having fun tonight.

  4. Hi Amanda, I am your newest follower, I happened upon your blog on pinterst and you have such great ideas!I especially love your blog posts on budding bloggers, how fantastic! I am trying my hand at my first linky party, will you stop by and let me know what you think?
    I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  5. hey Amanda, Where can I get a copy of your rhyming animal goodbye signs? Thanks, Christine

  6. I love your blog! I am so fortunate to be your newest follower! If you have time, maybe you could stop by my blog and visit me :)


  7. That is brilliant! I could use that when I teach adding and subtracting integers:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  8. I actually took pictures for this week's flashback!


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