TC Turns Ten!

Hi friends!  I found it a struggle this past school year to balance everything (for a multitude of reasons) and sadly my blog was the one that suffered most.  I aim to change that this summer!

My first post back is to announce that I did not forget that Teacher's Clubhouse turns TEN this year! It's hard to believe that I started officially sharing all the resources I created ten years ago!! Wow - time flies!  I couldn't let it pass me by since I always love to do a big celebration.  This year is no different.  There will be TEN WEEKS of FREEBIES!

The first freebie ends TODAY so be sure to go grab it from my shop. It is my newly updated Birthday Bash pack to help you celebrate students' birthdays in the classroom.  You can grab it HERE.

Inside you'll find tons of stuff including... interactive birthday photo booth background interactive birthday book

...and everything you need to create birthday cups for your students.

I'm also hosting a SUNDAY SALEBRATION every Sunday during my 10 week Birthday Bash, where I will be posting one of my yearlong big bundles for 50% off for ONE DAY ONLY.

Here's a peek at what you can snag today....

one of my Differentiated Spelling Packs for just $9.99!  Everything you need for the year - word lists, spelling tests, practice activities, games, homework menu, handwriting practice, and MORE!

So, don't miss out over the next 10 weeks!  I'll have a brand new freebie to post tomorrow in my shop!  Follow along so you don't miss out!

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  1. Thank you for the adorable birthday ideas!!! I've done the same birthday book for years so I am going to use yours this year!!! I love it! I also love your superhero theme and wonder how it went this past year...I'm thinking of changing mine...I've done cowboys and cowgirls for a it but feeling the urge to change!!! Thanks again!!! :-)


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