Appy Classrooms {Word Clouds}

Hi all!  I'm back to share a super easy but very useful app for your classroom!

App Name: Word Clouds
Cost: FREE
Here's what you will look for:

This is app is very simple to use.  Students simply type in words to show up in a "cloud" format.  The more times a word is typed, the larger it will appear in the cloud (very similar to the Wordle site if you have used that).  Students then have the option to change the font, color pattern, or layout design.

Here are some ways we use this app in my classroom.

As we studied adjectives, students worked in pairs to create a word cloud of adjectives using the five senses - How does it taste, look, feel, smell, and sound?

This led into our next session on adverbs.  Students were given a verb which they typed in 8 times (to make the verb larger) and then typed in adjectives describing how, when, or where that verb happened.

A science use is to give students a topic, in this case an animal classification group (mammals) and have students create a cloud of words associated with it.

My favorite way to use Word Clouds though is for student birthdays.  For this, I set one iPad out and type the birthday child's name eight times (to ensure it is large).  Then, students go one at a time throughout the day and add a character trait that describes the birthday child.  If character traits are repeated, it's okay - those words will appear larger.  Once all students have typed a trait, I quickly make the cloud (but you could also let the birthday child do this) and let them upload it to their Seesaw portfolio.  I'm also considering printing them out to frame as end of the year gifts.  I've done word cloud frames as gifts before at the end of the year and the fact that the clouds will all be done for me as an added bonus! <3

Since character traits are something we are really just starting to learn about in 2nd grade, I do post a {positive} character traits sign in the room for those students who may need the support (or help spelling their word).  You can grab my character trait signs (both positive and negative) FREE in my shop by clicking the link below!


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