When the Weather Outside Is Crazy

When the weather outside is....crazy.  You know - super warm one day, super cold the next - raining like cats and dogs one day, sunny as summer the next.  At least, that's the way winter break has been in these parts.  How about you?  I actually think it's going to make our weather unit super fun when we go back to school next week!

It's already one of my favorite science units to teach because it is so interactive!

We make our own wind vanes to observe the wind's direction.

We make a class anemometer to observe the wind's speed.

Students make "practice" thermometers that they can use with a partner to quiz each other on reading thermometers correctly.

Students bring in water bottles so they can construct their own rain gauges.

We also do a few fun experiments like this one that shows us how clouds work!
(Just a shaving cream cloud sitting on top of water.  Students add water droplets (food coloring) one at a time and when the cloud gets too full, they will begin to fall (rain).

Since my school requires us to use Interactive Notebooks for science.  I have made it my mission this year to create them in the same "No-Cut" format that I use for math...it has made my life so much more sane! :)

You can grab it below, if you're interested.  It has recording pages that we use for all of these tools, plus more!




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