iPad Wallpapers {Freebie}

I'm in the midst of writing a couple of BIG blog posts (one which will be a series), but geez....it is so hard during the week!  Anyone else brain dead by 6:00pm?  I *might* be counting down the days until spring break! ;)

Anyway, I was inspired by the ever-so-brilliant Amy Lemons when I saw her IG post where she had created wallpapers to number her student ipads.  Duh!  Why had I never thought of doing that??  It might be that "brain dead" thing....thank goodness for smart friends!

So, today I whipped some up using papers from my other brilliant friend, Megan!  Now my student ipads are cute AND organized.

I just used PowerPoint and then saved the slides as images - super easy to do yourself!  But, if you happen to need 5 (or fewer) you can snatch mine up by clicking below.  I hope they help you feel a bit more organized, too!


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  1. CUTE! I made some similar to my blog layout so that it matches my classroom theme "Fishing for Knowledge!" The kiddies enjoy a fun background! :)

    Fishing for Education Blog


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