I'm Full of Something!

Well, others may be able to complete the sentence differently, but I'm full of....giveaways, it seems! First off, I wasn't on my computer yesterday to post the winner of the WINSday giveaway, so to make up for it I'm choosing TWO winners.

Congratulations to Cindy and Diane for winning the Persuasive Writing unit - look for an email soon!

Today, we posted our newest "Dealing with Math Homework" pack to the site.  We already had it available for 1st and 2nd grade and now we have it for GRADE 3!!!!



I mean, if I had to pick two resources that I could not give up in my classroom, I'm pretty sure it would be my morning work and these homework card games.  Both were life changers for me.

If you're a 3rd grade teacher and would like to win this set, head over to our Facebook page to enter.  We will pick a winner Saturday evening!

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