I think that might be how many times you'll see the number 12 in this post!  Since yesterday was 12-12-12, there are a LOT of 12-themed linky parties going on and I'm joining in the FUN!  I snapped 12 pictures throughout the day yesterday to share with you.  Then, down below ALL the pics, I'm linking up to share 12 of my favorite things!  Oh, how I have missed participating in linky parties this year....must - make - time!! :)

Don't be jealous, but when I round the corner to my classroom each morning, THIS is what awaits...
How could this not make you happy!?  I'm not sure how it started, but my kiddos hold out their hands and wait for me to come running through, hitting their hands as I do!!  THEY EAT IT UP!  ;)
The kiddos are settled in and working on their morning work in their journals.  LOVE my new morning work PowerPoints....great review, saves copies, and the kids have the routine DOWN. {happy teacher}
Practicing our dictionary skills using our activotes to find the word that would NOT come between the guide words shown.  {anything is fun with activotes!}
Playing Hop and Write with ABC Order!  This is their favorite game so we play it with EV-ER-Y-THING!
Guide word partner practice as a quick assessment!
Students learn to change the background colors of their PowerPoints that they created during our informational genre study!
Mrs. Madden was busy working on a little holiday gift during her planning period! {Pics to come of finished items soon!}
Students enjoy their snacks as they read in their cozy spots!
We played a round of Musical Chairs to introduce the concept of supply and demand in our Economics Unit!  There was a HIGH demand for chairs in this game and a LOW supply...which meant we had some unhappy people who did not get what they wanted!
Students played time games such as Go Fish! while the teacher worked with small groups in math!

I hope you enjoyed the 12 random pics from our 12-12-12 school day!  Now, to link up with my 12 favorite things...

12. Favorite Movie of 2012

I'm going to have to agree with most everyone else and say The Hunger Games!  Loved it!  Saw it 3 times in the theater and bought it!  Own a district 12 t-shirt, too!  (Hmmm...maybe I should have rocked that on 12-12-12!)  Can't wait for the next one!
11. Favorite TV Series

Wow! This is a tough one!  I watch WAY tooooooo much TV.  I love all of the Real Housewife series (especially Beverly Hills and OC....I think I'm a Cali girl at heart), but I'm going to have to go with DEXTER for this one.  Is it wrong to love a serial killer??  OH. MY. WORD!  This series has me on the edge of my seat every year.  I mean, if it makes a teacher look forward to Sunday nights, you know it's good!  I'm pretty sure I'll be dragging my jaw to work on Monday morning after the season finale this Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 {Revenge would be in second place....love a good suspenseful show or book!}

10. Favorite Restaurant

Hmmmm....I'm not a very adventurous eater.  Give this girl some Mexican or Italian and I'm good to go!  Every. Single. Night.  My favorite has to be a little Mexican restaurant right down the road, Sabroso's!  Best salsa in town! :)

9.  Favorite New Thing You Tried

Blogging! Duh! ;)  So glad that I joined this little (okay, BIG) group of teachers this year!  And, of course, linky parties go hand-in-hand with this one!

8.  Favorite Gift You Received

Hmmm...does it count if I bought it for myself?  If so, season tickets to see my Gamecocks play!  If not, I'll have to go with my iPad.

7.  Favorite Thing You Pinned

To answer this one, I'm going to have to go to Pinterest to look at my pins...and I know what's going to happen if I do that.  Yep - sidetracked and hours spent scouring through pins of things that I'll never cook and never craft!  I'm going to guess and say the Grateful Bags because I know I pinned them and I L.O.V.E. my Zoey....and I'll love Maggie just as much if I ever get her!

6.  Favorite Blog Post

Well, since I just started blogging this summer, I don't have THAT many posts to choose from, but I'll have to say my Writing Series of posts just because writing is usually the one thing that teachers email me the most about.  I was happy to share how I teach writing and what works for me.  I can't wait to add to that series as the year progresses!

5.  Favorite Accomplishment

Easy.  Renewing my National Board Certification.  It sure does feel good to have another 10 years ahead of me!

4.  Favorite Picture

I was lucky enough to have a photographer mommy in my class last year.  She came to take end of the year pictures for me to use in my class end-of-the-year DVD and this picture just stole my heart!  My last class of Movie Stars!

3.  Favorite Memory

Seeing Aerosmith and Madonna in concert with the hubby - those were two of the BIGGIES still on our concert bucket list! {Okay, so Madonna was just on my list, but still!}

2.  Goal for 2013

Is this a "favorite"?  Hmph...I'm not a big goal setter, surprisingly.  I don't like resolutions either.  I'll say my goal is to spend more quality time with my husband.  It's tough.  You're a teacher.  You know how it is.  School creeps into every aspect of our lives.  I think it's especially hard when you don't have children because children sort of "demand" you put your attention elsewhere.  But, when there are no children, it's so easy to say "just another few minutes."  {yeah, right}

1.  One Little Word

My one little word for 2013 is going to be "no."  It said little.  I know that it's not a positive word like "thankful" or "joy" or "peace."  But, I'm going to be thankful that I said "no" to others and that will bring peace to my household which will lead to joy!  See, it is a positive word! :)

Your turn!  Go link up and share your favorite 12 in '12!


  1. Love the power of no! Sweet post, loads of fun going on here!!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

  2. I am jealous on how you start your day! How fun to have such a welcoming group of students. :)

  3. My sister takes my grandma to Sabroso's at least once a week. I'm planning on going there when I come to SC for the holidays! Maybe we will run into each other there. :-)

  4. I am jealous. How cute that your little students line up to give you high fives in the morning. Loved learning more about you.

    I'm having a giveaway if you would like to check it out.

    The Hive

  5. That's awesome you are using technology and teaching kids to use power point in the classroom. I'm just getting my kids starting to type their reports into the computer to make them easier to edit. They also use excel to keep track of what they have completed.

    Maybe you would be interested in this game to help kids learn math while having lots of fun.

    Speed! is a skip-counting card game created to help kids learn multiplication. It is available both as physical cards and now on the iPad. I created the game to help my daughter learn multiplication and it worked great. My husband is a computer engineer and created the iPad version. We hope you can find some use for it in your classroom.


  6. Hi, I was looking for an interesting and engaging way to introduce supply and demand to my third graders and I found your blog. Awesome idea of using musical chairs. My students LOVED it! The next day I followed it up with a Brainpop on the same topic and it allowed them to make so many connections to our game! Thank you so much!

  7. Hi. I was looking for an interesting and engaging way to introduce supply and demand to my third graders and came across your blog. My kids LOVED it. The next day, I followed up with a Brainpop video on the same topic and they were able to connect so many points from our game to the vocabulary and concepts. Awesome idea! Thank you so much for sharing!


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